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Dispenser Devices Driving and Controlling System

Kit DosificadorThe traditional mechanic system for dispensing seeds and/or fertilizers are substituted by a new electric installation, electronically driven, which controls and moves the dispenser devices. A control console installed in the tractor and an electric motor for each dispenser device allows the elimination of gears, chains, motion boxes, hydraulic motor and other similar parts.

Key Benefits

It also improves the performance in conventional uses. The most important benefits of this paradigm in innovative solutions are:

  • A significant reduction of machinery production costs by the elimination of many complex iron parts, such as gears, chains, motion boxes, hydraulic motors
  • A true precision VRT application, with possibility of connection to specific software
  • A drastic simplification of calibrations and settings needed for different crops and seeds, with the possibility of changing the seeding and fertilizing rate "on the go"
  • Reduction of maintenance time and costs and greater facility of equipment transfer
  • Possibility of controlling and moving pneumatic or mechanical seed meters, with liquid or granular fertilizers. Applicable either to conventional or no-till seeding
  • Ability to control and change the dispensing rate separately for every row
  • Great reduction of the tractor power needed to move the seeder, achieving an important saving in fuel consumption