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Electric Installation Applied to an Agricultural Tractor

agricultural tractor

This installation specially created to be incorporated in an agricultural tractor to provide an electric energy source that may be used by any tool associated to it to perform a specific task. It is a direct consequence of the innovations made for planting, seeding and fertilizing equipment and the need of practical, easy to use, connectors and voltage regulators. Its benefits are extensive, allowing to use the tractor as a real electric generator easy to trasport.

The circuit extends from an alternator that takes energy from the tractor and feeds an external electric circuit including at least one output plug or connector. The alternator may take energy from the tractor motor itself through a drive pulley, or from the tractor power take-off. The invention envisages the use of two alternators, one for the tractor installation itself and another for the external output circuit, both with a built-in voltage regulator, wherein the external output circuit includes electronic converters (capable of generating different output voltages) placed before the external contactors and plugs.