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System for Generating Air Pressure or Vacuum for Pneumatic Seed Meters

An installation for pneumatic seeders with a plurality of electric motor suction (or motor compressor) units, each of which operates connected to a pneumatic dosing device, allows the elimination of the hydraulic motor and circuits, achieving a drastic reduction of pneumatic planters’ production costs and fuel consumption.

Key Benefits

The benefits of the pneumatic seed meters, against the mechanical ones, are well known.

But there are - up nowadays - a lot of disadvantages, such as:

  • More power needed by the tractor
  • Significant difference in the fuel consumption
  • Increased total cost of the equipment
  • Higher maintenance cost the hydraulic circuit and parts

With this innovation all the drawbaks are overcome and we achieve:

  • A drastic reduction of machinery production costs by the elimination of a lot of complex parts, such as: hydraulic motor and pump, oil heat interchanger, tank, filter, hydraulic circuits, etc
  • Reduction of maintenance time and costs
  • Easier equipment’s transport
  • Important reduction in the consumption of fuel
  • Less power needed from the tractor