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Seed Dispenser kit Worlwide Patents


ADDED™ TECH is a company oriented to the development of disruptive innovations for planting, seeding and fertilizing equipment.

The dispenser's driving and controlling system creates a new paradigm for the industry by significantly simplifying seeding and/or fertilizing machinery. Patents were successfully issued in Argentina, United States and Canada, also with filed patent applications in Brazil.

The pneumatic seed meters installation with a plurality of motor suction or motor compressor units electrically driven, each of which operates connected to a pneumatic dosing device, eliminates the hydraulic motor and circuits, with a drastic reduction of pneumatic planters’ production costs and fuel consumption. Patent aplplications have been filed in Argentina, Brazil, United States and the European Union. Prototypes of both of the innovations are seeding and fertilizing near Rosario, Argentina.

The electric installation applied to an agricultural tractor has been specially created to provide an energy source that may be easily used by any tool associated to the tractor to perform a specific task. Patent applications have been filed in several countries.

Limits for Improving Precision Agriculture

The benefits of using GM (Genetically Modified) seeds, special fertilizers and special pesticides, can’t be fully taken advantage of because the required adjustment is too complex and the systems and equipments for dosage currently utilized are too obsolete.

  • You can’t calibrate your seeding or fertilizing machine "on the go"
  • You can’t adjust the dispenser exactly to the desired seeding rate
  • You can’t adjust the dispenser to the desired exact fertilizing rate
  • You can’t control every row separately
  • You can’t use all the benefits of information technology (IT)
  • You can’t....

And all the possible available solutions on the market only carry to:

  • More and more complex systems
  • More and more expensive machinery
  • More and more "external" devices

ADDED-TECH is really a "step forward" in resolving problems, a paradigm in innovative solutions.